Proxy Events: Tucson’s Corporate Event Specialist!

Event Planning is time consuming.
Proxy Events provides contract services designed to both manage all of the details and produce a high-quality event.

Don’t go through the hassle of hiring an FTE or add work to your staff’s load. Proxy can get your project completed professionally, quickly and at a very affordable rate. 

It is easy to contract with Proxy Events

Did You KNOW?
24% of the average corporate marketing budget is spent on events!*
Marketing and Team Building Events can be deductible expenses!**

  1. Meet with Alison to discuss your vision for the event. Call or email to schedule your one-hour free, no-obligation consultation today! Contract Proxy Events to professionally plan and manage your event at a rate similar to or less than that which you would compensate staff for their time!
  2. Receive a comprehensive plan with budget and timeline. Receive regular updates on plan management.
  3. Show up at your event and have fun, mingle, meet the VIPs, connect with that client, close that deal, enjoy your own event!
  4. Receive a full analysis of the events.

Incorporated in 2005
Licensed in the City of Tucson and Insured
2.5% discount for cash

*source Cvent, “Transform events into experiences” Webinar
**consult your tax professional for your particular circumstances