Writing Prompt for 10-19

Today’s assignment is to write no more than 200 words based on your impression of one of the two following passages: Being neither venerable nor beloved, she chose to be practical which was preferable to pointless. Being neither venerable nor beloved, she became invisible to avoid being irritating. Write freely. Try to get into the […]

Invisible to Bugs

In my early-mid fifties, I noticed the oddest thing; I started to be invisible to bugs. Imperceptibly at first, then tested and accurate, I realize that somehow I have developed a cloak of visual separation between the entire phylum and myself. Bugs cannot see me coming and for those whom I wish to dispatch with […]

Dear @TheEconomist #Whyaren’tmillennialsbuyingdiamonds?

The question posed by the venerable, The Economist, offers a revealing comment on our society’s generational disconnect. My folks, in their late 70’s early 80’s, just do not understand why my kids can’t just work their way through college like they did. Why do they need to take out huge college loans? This question posed […]

Our House of Cards

Like many of you, I have watched the stunning NETFLIX series, House of Cards, since season one and have been frankly gob-smacked all along the way. Now deep into some fifty-odd episodes—that powerful theme song with its foreboding major/minor key change stuck in my head—I’m formulating my reaction. It took a while to get here. […]

There is no Substitute for Slate

Looking down the aisle of black-topped, science-class work tables and remembering when they were all made of slate… I’m pretty sure that way back when school budgets allowed, slate was chosen for its durability and resistance to chemical spills. The material chosen now is for its cheapness. These kids don’t care one way or another, […]