Proxy Events: Tucson’s Corporate Event Specialist!

Event Planning is time consuming.
Proxy Events provides contract services designed to both manage all of the details and produce a high-quality event.

What makes me a great Event Planner?
The ability to envision a comprehensive view of the working parts of the event is key. My method involves working backward in time from the moment you are receiving thanks and congratulations on a wonderful event, back to the beginning when we are working together to envision your event. No matter the size or type of event, each detail needs to be imagined, designed for success, integrated and produced.
The other irreplaceable skill required in a high-quality planner is unflappability. Because best-laid plans sometimes require on-the-fly adjusting, a great event planner finds solutions for challenges that arise.
I possess these critical skills in addition to many years of local experience with events of all types.
My event planning company, Proxy Events (Proxy Services LLC) has been incorporated since 2005. Since then I have worked on dozens of excellent events from large fundraising galas in black tie, to grand openings for national and international companies, conferences, workshops, luncheons, mixers, parties and more.
When your company needs a great Event Planner, I can take the burden off your staff and handle all of the details with a cool-head and you and your staff can enjoy your event while your clients and guests offer their thanks and congratulations.

It is easy to contract with Proxy Events

Did You KNOW?
24% of the average corporate marketing budget is spent on events!*
Marketing and Team Building Events can be deductible expenses!**

Incorporated in 2005
Licensed in the City of Tucson and Insured
2.5% discount for cash

*source Cvent, “Transform events into experiences” Webinar
**consult your tax professional for your particular circumstances