A word of encouragement as you get ready to work hard!

You thought maybe this was an essay about the challenges a grad faces as they take that next step. Perhaps some words of encouragement about how to find your path, how to weather the tumult of change? Motivation to push you through the hardest changes and biggest bumps you are facing?

Actually, it is a love note to my AC.

I’m a native Tucsonan. I have a love for my AC that has increased since I moved from the home where I also had a pool (the other summer survival tool, nice if you have access…) I grew up with swamp and still love that wet pine smell that wells up around May in Tucson, but nothing can compare to my love of that glorious, glorious cold air coming out of my refrigeration unit.

It’s May 3, 2018. I’m working at my desk with the windows wide open and listening to KUAZ. (Bliss!) We are enjoying that final gasp of coolness that we know will be ripped away in TWO days by 100-degree heat. Then six months of summer (May through October, reliably).

So, here’s my love note to you AC: I promise I’ll keep the doors and blinds closed all summer, I’ll keep you set at a reasonable temp (78 degrees), I promise I’ll keep you serviced and change your filters. We can do this together AC. I love you.

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