Events: Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Pro?

You wouldn’t try to pull off a major construction project yourself. You’d hire an experienced contractor with the right tools and skills to make your project right. Events are no different. You have a lot of money invested in your event; hire a professional to help build your event’s success! Here is the difference shown in two checklists.



First, the “do-it-yourself” list, in brief:

  1. Pick a team member (or more) who will take time away from their own workload to manage the project. Budget enough staff time to produce a quality event. A poorly planned event is probably worse for your company’s image than no event at all.
  2. Define your event type and end goals
    fundraiser  > $ net
    friendraiser > donors
    product launch > marketing
    mixer > PR
    VIP reception > image
    workshop > information
  3. Define and create your event budget, maintain spreadsheet through and beyond the event.
  4. Create event branding and theme. Produce marketing materials including printed and electronic collateral, and social media plan. Implement this plan.
  5. Design appropriate giveaways for the event. Order these in time for delivery.
  6. Create and maintain an invitation and RSVP system.
  7. Devote many hours on the phone and by email to venues and vendors researching and negotiating which services you need and their cost. (Venue, equipment, catering, bartending, AV, music, decor, lighting, staging, speakers, props, tents, tables, chairs, linens, etc)
  8. Inspect the site the day before to ensure quality standards are met.
  9. Arrive early on the day of the event to supervise the set up of all services and equipment.
  10. Greet guests with a beautiful and welcoming registration. Staff this table with efficient, knowledgeable workers.
  11. Maintain quality control during the event by remaining available to answer questions or to respond to problems or issues. Help clean up afterward, make sure all vendors and providers are paid.
  12. After the event, send a satisfaction survey. Produce a final budget for analysis. How did you do? Remember to factor in your staff’s time before, during and after the event!

Or, second, the “contract with Proxy Events” list:

  1. Meet with Alison to discuss your vision for the event. Contract Proxy Events to professionally plan and manage your event at a rate similar to or less than that which you would compensate staff for their time!
  2. Receive a comprehensive plan with budget and timeline. Receive regular updates on plan management.
  3. Show up at your event and have fun, mingle, meet the VIPs, connect with that client, close that deal, enjoy your own event!
  4. Receive a full analysis of the events.

So, do it yourself? Or, call Proxy Events today and get planning! Get your free, no-obligation initial consultation by phone. Call Alison at 520-465-7645.
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