For the event we can’t avoid, a peaceful option…

There is no perfect way to manage our feelings about death.

One can never really anticipate how they will feel and react when they hear of a loved one’s passing. There is no more personal journey than the one we all face as we transition from this existence. For those left behind, the process of understanding their loss can be very rough, and a ceremony of celebration of life can be a real comfort.

Although Memorial Celebrations of Life are not Corporate Events per se, Proxy Events offers an alternative for those who are looking for a quiet beautiful outdoor setting to share stories and say goodbye.

The pristine, 80-acre Sanctuary Cove in the western foothills of the Tucson valley is operated by the All Creeds Brotherhood board of directors. They are a 501(c) 3 non-profit who are dedicated to this mission:

Sanctuary Cove was founded on the principles of oneness, and thus its primary purpose is to serve the world community by providing a natural place of peace and unspoiled beauty that allows visitors the chance to draw apart from the intensity of today‚Äôs hectic lifestyle and reconnect to deeper meaning. 

We aim to protect the natural beauty of the Southwest so that generations after us are afforded the opportunity to in bask nature. We believe that the man-made world and the natural world must inhabit a place of symbiosis, and only through the appreciation of and self-reflection within undisturbed environments can one gain insight into the inter-connectivity between developed and undeveloped worlds.

Proxy is representing this event space for celebrations including Memorials and Weddings. The Chapel and Amphitheater offer a reflective, serene space for small events and the Guest Cottage is perfect for small receptions. There are miles of hiking trails and a Labyrinth on-site to help connect your spirit to the healing power of the earth.

Dates are extremely limited for events. Please contact Alison if you would like a tour or to schedule your event before dates fill. Memorials can be arranged in advance or as needed. Your reservation includes the site use for a 2-hour ceremony. Additional arrangements and services can be obtained through Proxy Events LLC. There is a deposit required to hold your date.

Please keep Sanctuary Cove in mind. The need to celebrate the passing of a life often comes without notice so when the time comes to make arrangements for this event, you will know where to turn for a beautiful setting and complete service.



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