Green Your Event

Events use a lot or resources.

Everything —from the paper or plastic plates to the air travel for speakers —uses resources that can be managed in a thoughtfully responsible way. Proxy Events is proud to offer a variety of options to help make your event more sensitive to the use and sustainability of products and services.

When you inquire about Greening your Event, we will deliver a complimentary gift pack with a stainless steel spoon/straw and coupon during our consultation meeting. This little thing will make a big difference in helping you reduce your use of one-time plastic straws. Just think of how many plastic straws you use! You can keep that plastic out of landfills and oceans by using our reusable, practically indestructible, washable spoon/straw! AND please don’t forget to tell your favorite restaurants that you support their replacing single-use plastic items! If enough consumers demand change, change will come!


Here are some ways we can Green Your Event!

  • Travel Elimination: virtual attendance options.
  • Vegetarian/organic catering.
  • Recycled paper, cardboard, and beverage containers; compostable/recycleable service items.
  • Eliminate handouts or handouts are printed double-sided on at least 30% post-consumer recycled content paper. 
  • Composting (bins must be widely accessible and clearly marked) and all of the materials generated at the event are reused, recycled, or composted.
  • Sustainable Food: fair trade, local or organic food and beverages options.
  • No bottled water (either small personal ones or larger 3-5 gallon coolers). 
  • Waste collection points to ensure proper sorting of recycling and compostables. 
  • Consumable or green-themed giveaways. 
  • Sustainable/reusable/compostable centerpieces.
  • Reduced impact of promotional flyers – either by eliminating entirely, having 50% of flyers printed on one-side-clean paper, or 100% of flyers printed on 100% recycled content paper. 
  • Purchase carbon offsets for plane travel (via the entry fee or another easy method).

Call Alison today to schedule your in-person consultation and receive your free gift!


Share your commitment to a more sustainable event on your website and materials by using this Proxy Green Seal when you choose at least 80% of the greener options above!