Pima County Loves Pets

In 2014, Pima County voters approved a $22 million bond to refurbish and upgrade the badly aging Pima Animal Care Center. This victory for our community’s pet animals occurred despite Tucson’s ranking as the 5th poorest city in the nation (CBS News Moneywatch, 2017.) This demonstration of support for the important work done at PACC has been well placed, as their progress has been remarkable. Please read about their amazing progress in saving lives here.

Most remarkably, the “save rate” in 2017 reached a record 89.82%. This is a remarkably high rate for a public shelter that takes in all animals without regard to the available space or the animal’s condition!

In addition to our nationally acclaimed municipal shelter, the Tucson Metro area also boasts a recently upgraded Humane Society facility. This $6 million annual non-profit organization survives on over $4 million public support annually plus events and service revenues.

These two organizations alone represent a huge financial commitment by taxpayers and donors in the Tucson area. In addition to these large facilities, there are dozens of smaller rescue agencies, trainers, fundraisers and foundations, support services and products, all working to help animals. These impressive facts demonstrate the fact that Pima County LOVES Pets! And please don’t forget the thousands of volunteers donating many thousands of hours of time to work with pet dogs and cats, horses and pigs, wildlife, and even Guinea Pigs, tortoises and rats.

Why am I writing about animal welfare?

I have always loved animals– I wanted to be a Vet when I was a girl. I still love animals and although I’m not a vet, I do my best to help animals and support animal welfare efforts in my own way. I’d love to share some of these opportunities with you. Here are just a few ways you can get involved by volunteering your time or donating your treasure. Groups are welcome too so if you are interested in a company project, there are plenty of wonderful ways to make a huge difference.

Finally, please consider adopting a shelter animal if you’ like to add a furry member for your family. And if you choose to work with a breeder please check on them to ensure that your purchase is not supporting a cruel puppy mill operation.

I was proud to have provided pro-bono event planning and on-site event management for the Annual PACC Volunteer Appreciation Party! Everyone had a blast! Thanks to Crooked Tooth Brewing Company, Tania’s 33 for awesome (vegetarian!) food, Reproductions Inc. for generously allowing us to use your parking lot, and Jennifer Camano, ED at the Friends of Pima Animal Care for financial support.

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