Top 3 Reasons to Plan Your Winter Event Now!

Southern Arizona is roasting right now but make no mistake, winter IS coming.

Here are three great reasons to avoid the rush later and plan your early winter, holiday, and new year events now:




  • The best venues still have availability, but not for long. The best local venues and dates are limited. Savvy planners have already booked some of the prime spots and days for holding the most unique, highest quality event. 
  • The best services are also being booked. Your guests deserve the best and again, resources are limited. Everyone’s favorite caterer? The company with the best equipment? The DJ that gets everyone on the dance floor with plenty of great music, lights and quality lights and sound? When they are booked early,  someone else is enjoying the best, you get second (or third) pick.
  • The calendar is filling. Every day that passes means that your special day will compete with other events on the winter calendar. When you set your date in July, you can plan around the myriad other public festivals and private events that will compete for your guests’ attention. It’s no fun to throw a party and have no one show up because they found out about it too late, accepted other invitations, or are attending large public events. Proxy Events can help you avoid conflicts; the research that identifies calendar conflicts is included in your planning package.

So please remember, book early. Call Alison at Proxy Events for a free consultation. There are times when your staff can plan and manage your events. But when your staff is busy with daily tasks, you are looking to increase the quality of your event by leveraging the expertise of a professional planner, or you just want to enjoy your own event instead of planning and managing it, call Proxy Events.

Alison is working with clients now and her calendar is filling too! Call today 520-465-7645.

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